Sometimes I Do Believe

March 4, 2012

Sometimes I do believe
There’s a warmth in the trees
Across the road, down the hill
And far away from this today.

Sometimes I do believe
There’s majesty in all we do
Our breath, our beating heart
Skipping like a meadowlark.

Sometimes I do believe
We are one with God
Child, parent, desperate soul
Sometimes I do believe.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012


  1. I had to smile reading this. I “recharge my batteries” by being out in the trees, in the mountains, away from all this. I feel reborn when swallowed by nature. It gives me a sense of belonging.


    • Amen to all you say! If I could not see and hear this beauty, the life in nature, what a sad world mine would be.


      • As sad… that so many choose not to indulge in it, and many who do leave their ugly mark.


      • Yes there are those that do. But we can choose to see and keep the beauty. And one day, we can hope, they too will see and hold it dear.


      • I hope so. There are many more who relish it than those who do not.


      • Absolutely!!! Thanks for being one of them.


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