Kado Feeling Blue

April 13, 2012

Kado feeling blue
Feels the pain in his mouth
A tooth or two cracked off
Hurting, drooling too
Kado oh so blue.

Kado feeling blue
Its hard to be
A big guy in pain
And not show it too
Kado oh so blue.

Kado feeling blue
No supper, no dinner
Can’t eat so
Hungry now too
Kado oh so blue.

Kado feeling blue
Doctor pulled that damn tooth
Second one too
Hole size of a quarter
Where once a tooth
Used to chew
Oh Kado feeling blue.

Kado not so blue
Resting peacefully
Had some dinner too!
Life is good
Kado saw the tooth fairy
Kado not so blue.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012


  1. awww. very nice, dog poetry.


  2. Thank you Patrice. Kado being big suck now. loved the poetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Your welcome! But isn’t that what you do after ALL that stress – be a big suck? Thanks for giving me his proper spelling.


  3. I really like your poem! It’s meter and rhyme made me feel as close to inside a dog’s mind as I could. The happy ending was a hott–glad your dog is well.


    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked my poem about Kado. He is a friend’s dog and best friends with our dogs. Great guy. Hurts to see him in pain.


  4. […] April 13/12 I wrote of Kado’s struggle with supposedly two bad teeth. But it wasn’t a tooth […]


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