Peel Back The Layers

August 12, 2013

Road and Rail Fence ~ photo by Patrice


Peel back the layers
Feel the bad ooze out
Permeating the glad
Spreading like a plague
Full of anguish
Making good things bad.

Sadness too comes along
Melancholy through
And through
Raising no gladness
To the sky
Only morose sadness
Lonely, standing by.

You are right
You are good
To let the layers lie
Just as they should
In their own
Forsaken lullaby.

Nothing gained
Nothing lost
To let badness scuttle off
Please leave those layers
Let them stay
Don’t peel them
~ Patrice


© Patrice Clarkson – 2013


  1. What are the layers? Why should I let them lie?
    Why let it stay In its own forsaken lullaby?


    • Wasn’t sure when I wrote this but after selecting the photo, I realized it is about the effort to dig a mega quarry in our area, http://www.stopthemegaquarry.ca. To extract a magnitude of limestone. Leaving nothing but a hole where generations of farmers on fertile farmland, forests, wildlife now exist.
      It has been stopped – Thank Goodness! But no one is resting easy.


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