A Massasauga Rattler Lazing On My Deck

August 21, 2013

A massasauga rattler lazing on my deck
Not supposed to be here but here she is
I know, I don’t suspect.

My rottie drew my attention to
A massasauga rattler there upon my deck
Hissing and rattling
Don’t mess with her — you bet!

Is this a massasauga rattler sleeping on my deck?
~ Patrice

Massasauga Rattler and bone ~ photo by Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2013


  1. I have it on authority that this is a Eastern Milksnake. That’s a relief! ~ Just a Eastern Milksnake sunning on my deck. 😀


  2. I thought milk snake might be the case.

    I haven’t seen a milk snake since I was a kid, and then it wasn’t very often.

    When i was young I was told lots of stories about them by some old geezers down the road. “They coil around a cows leg and drink milk from the teats.” “They drink milk from dandelion stems.” “…from milk weed.” etc. etc. lol


    • Thanks for the reminiscing!:D I’ve personally have never seen one before.


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