Ralph Rides With Me

May 27, 2014

Ralph's Red Van ~ Photo by Patrice





Ralph rides with me
Just as long as he needs to see
I know everything and how it goes.

My jeep was dying piece by piece
When a friend said
“I know of a car that just might do”

Off we went to check it out
Ralph’s red van
Left as if he’d just stepped out.

I said yes to this red van
The one that belonged to
Ralph the Man.

I feel his presence beside of me
Cause you see, for a little while
Ralph rides with me.
~ Patrice








© Patrice Clarkson – 2014


  1. Thank you Patrice. That is beautiful and I do believe he is there with you.


    • You’re most welcome and I thank you. I’m sure he’s there. It most comforting to know.


  2. I sense a mystery and a longing here. Is Ralph no longer there?



    • Yes, he passed away from cancer. I never met him but felt his helpful presence within the van.


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