Golden Maserati

May 27, 2015

Golden Maserati ~ Photo courtesy of Maserati

We were walking along the road
In the quiet dusky light
Robins sang, frogs croaked
In the evening with delight.

When we heard
The roar of a mighty engine
Back beyond the curve
Still far, far out of sight.

The roar sped nearer
Louder, round the corner
Charging cross the country road
A blaze of gold appeared in our sight.

Pistons pounding, wheels spinning
A golden Maserati flashed by
Neighbour’s chickens squawked in horror
Our dog cringed, fearing for his life.

My husband muttered
Something like
“A idiot racing a golden Maserati
On a country road tonight”.

He was gone in a second
Like a flash of golden light
No regard for any other
Driving his golden Maserati tonight.

Only feeling Maserati power
Roaring by on a quiet night
Driving a golden Maserati reckless
Thru quaint country life.

Too fast to see his face
Slumped down with little grace
A flash of golden auto
Flew pass us that night.

A golden Maserati
With a idiot at the wheel
Roared by us
Disappearing out of sight.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2015

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