Sudden Clouds

July 15, 2015

Thunder Clouds ~ Photo by Patrice

Sudden clouds
Come crashing down
Throwing thunder, lighting
All around.

Not to rest, no respite
Chaos, fear just surround
Bringing dread
The only feeling to be found.

Over soon
To see the light
Feel the sprinkle washing hope
Throughout the night.

No more quaking
No more fear
Only soothing trickle
Cleansing clear.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson -2015


  1. Beautiful poem. You did a wonderful job of building it up and then letting it come down slowly, like a storm. I loved it.

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    • Thank you Midimike. It was happening outside my window as I wrote. I find it amazing that it’s all right there in front of us, we just have to slow down and see. 😀

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      • You are welcome. That is the beauty and skill displayed by great poets and philosophers; to see what everyone else sees but to describe it so everyone sees something new – that was always there! Great job. I just need to learn how to slow down – that is NOT my specialty

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      • Aah Midimike, I think you have slowed down enough to see all that is important and beautiful

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      • Thank you. I still need a little direction now and then! Reminders come in handy every so often, so keep it coming if you see me drifting a bit LOL!


      • Okay!And back at me too please! 😀

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      • Agreed!


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