The Answer

November 6, 2018

Circle of Wood ~ Photo by Patrice

Sought to seek the answer the spirits speak
Never once thinking to look inside
To see the answer that I need
The answer, which is here inside of me.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson -2018


  1. Does anyone look within is the question.

    The happiness that we place on things makes us happy not the items themselves.

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    • Sometimes I think, it is just too simple to find what you need inside yourself. We like to complicate things 🙂

      I agree!!!

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      • The trick is to turn off all laptops, tablets, smartphones and tvs. The only way to tap into the ocean of potential that is within is to spend time alone with yourself and listen.

        You mentioned this to most they would think your crazy.

        Yeah, its natural to live a 100 miles an hour with information overload from morning to night.

        Then people wonder why there are stressed, and depressed. 🙂

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      • I agree. and the universe did just that this morning to me… I usually have my radio playing low in the background while i work. Well, this morning the volume is shut off and i can’t hear a sound. All I hear as I write this, is the ringing in my ears!


  2. Right there !


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