Riley Passed Away Yesterday

January 18, 2021

 Riley Passed Away Yesterday ~ Photo by Patrice

Riley passed away
his beating heart stopped
his breath ceased to be
only memories
memories that is all we have
you see.

A gentle, kind, wondrous guy
knowing, knowledgeable
a smile on his face
devoted beyond belief
this was Riley
who now has been.

He passed away, passed away
rest in peace sweet Riley
you were loved and loved
~ Patrice  

~ My deepest condolences to his family and all that loved him ~ 

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2021


  1. So sorry to read this. He brought you love and joy which memory you will always have.


    • Thank so much Judith.
      He was my husband’s brothers’ family dog. He was special and so missed by them all.
      We would have family holidays at a cottage and our dogs always came too. They were another layer of kids – playing, retrieving balls in the water, running, hiking – all together. Even fisticuffs at times – Ceile BAD dog!!! They were special times and that is what I remember about sweet Riley.


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