My Heart’s Memories

May 24, 2023
My Heart's Memories ~ Photo by Patrice

My Heart does break
My soul knows
The past has gone
It exists
No more.

Times remembered
From long ago past
Have faded in my memory
I thought
They’d last and last.

The land has covered
The lane we used to walk
Trees died
Their stark bodies bent
Cracking in the wind
While bushes have overgrown
Where happiness
Should’ve been.

By empty, barren fields
Flourishing weeds covering in
What used to be
Fertile land growing crops
Nurtured creatures
Way back then.

Only memories
Only fading memories
Of what was but not now
Ever again.
~ Patrice

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@Patrice Clarkson – 2023

I went back after several years, to the place where I grew up.
The place where I had many happy times and wonderful memories.

I was overwhelmed to see what time has done.

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