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This Day

January 16, 2023

I’ve written 2-3 writings, poems for this day.  
This day I’ve been dreading since last December.

Ceile, our beloved Rottweiler has been very sick
and we knew this day would come.

She would have ‘Good Days’ eat, chase, her ‘Green Ball’ wag, her tail and cuddle on the sofa. Then there would be ‘Bad Days’ She wouldn’t eat, diarrhoea, puke after drinking too much water from the prednisone she was taking.
We knew, knew our time was limited and short.
Too many ‘Bad Days’ and it’s all over.

Yesterday, we accepted that there was no time left. 

None of the writings I wrote for this sad day, say how I feel as much as
this that I wrote many years ago to a friend who had just lost her beloved mastiff.
Please read, think of those who you have lost, hug those still with you
and send your best
to our Ceile for the journey she’s about to begin.

Peace and Love

Ceile and her Pink Lady

The bond of Love
We share
Can never be broken
The memory
One so loved
Will never be
~ Patrice  

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2023

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