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Show Me If I’m Right

December 3, 2020

 Show Me If I’m Right ~ Photo by Patrice

Show me if I’m right
And even if
I’m wrong.

Let the path direct me
Where I need to be
Right or wrong.

See the skies
Hold me on the earth
So strong.

And when my days
Are finished
Carry my soul to that world
Where I belong.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


In Retrospect

March 30, 2020

Last used March 30/20

In retrospect

I see so clearly
The problems I had
That evaded me

In retrospect

I could have
Done things

In retrospect

I know my life
Could have been
Changed drastically


In retrospect

Then I would not be
The person I’ve become
I need to be

In retrospect.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2020



September 10, 2019

Old Trans-Canada Road Skyline ~ Photo by Patrice

Nobody to take
No one to answer too
Nothing to be angry
Or grateful for

Speaking lightly
Smiling as I need too
Never responding to
Anything hateful, cruel
Or nothing I needn’t

I am moving to
The very edge of the world
I’m where
Where I need to be
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2019


Uplifting A Life

July 24, 2018

Parasol Ants ~ Photo by Patrice

Uplifting a life, mine or another
Feeling less anger, strife
With each endeavour.

No one is perfect
No one lives on their own
We are all connected in life
Our world, nothing is alone.

Savour each leaf, honour an insect
Going about it’s business
Unbeknown to the beaver floating
In the creek.

We are all connected
We all need to be uplifting, loving
One another no matter
Our way of life, our beliefs.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2018


So Much Could Happen

May 22, 2014

Beautiful Raining ~ Photo by Patrice










So much
Could happen
If I knew the reason
Why I came here
What I need to see
Need to be.

See far meadows
See trees blowing
In the breeze.

Are these
These what I need
Need to see?

Breathe in salt air
As it crashes
Sinks back
To emerald depths
In a deep blue sea.

Will I reach these?
These I need to see
Need to hear
Those I do so need?

Then a sigh
I hear, I hear
My life is right
I’m where I need
Right where I need
To be.
~ Patrice














© Patrice Clarkson – 2014


So What Is It That’s So Important?

January 22, 2014

So what is it that’s so important?
What makes you strive to be the one you want to be?
The one you need to be?
Is your goal, your need empty?
Or do you fill it with promise?

Does it matter?

Your goal, your life needs to be
It is important
It does matter
It is not empty but filled to the brim with promise
Must be strived for
You can be the one you need to be.

That is important.
~ Patrice

Lucy ~ Watercolour by Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2014


This Is Where We Stand

November 27, 2012

This is where we stand.
This is where we need to be.
All is well if we just listen.
Listen to what we need to see.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012

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