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You Heard Me Call

June 24, 2021
You Heard Me Call - Photo by Patrice

You heard me call 
I didn’t say words needed 
Not yesterday.

All was lonely, all was not right 
You heard me call but turned away. 

Words stung, they torn away 
A facade built up way before today. 

You heard me call and laughed away
The sights envisioned for tomorrow
Created just today. 

I have stopped, I call no more
For words must be by someone else 
It’s not my work, not anymore. 
~ Patrice

Patrice Clarkson – 2021


Nothing To Say

June 1, 2021
Trout Drawing ~ Illustration by Patrice

Nothing to say not in any way 
All has been said
Then left to be 
Easy to live with or diving down 
Into pure agony. 

Nothing can stop all these
Bad thoughts 
But you can replace them
With something pleasant 
Making your face into a huge smiley.

No, nothing to say
Not this morning, this evening
Not today.
~ Patrice  

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2021 


Never Heard Them Say

January 13, 2021

Never Heard Them Say ~ Photo by Patrice

Never heard them say
Words seeking disaster
No, not today.

But may I testify
That words were said
In anger
Words that need not
Be said
Not one more day.

Keep them contained
In humour
Make those that need
Laugh today.

Never more
Courting disaster
Never hating ever again
If only for just today.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2021


How Do I Know

January 12, 2017

How do I know
When to go
When to stay?

No one can
Tell me
At least not today.

Maybe tomorrow
Its another day.

Then I’ll know
When to go
When to stay.
~ Patrice

Boat in Aruba ~ Photo by Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2017

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