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Aggy Died Five Years Ago Today

March 12, 2018

Aggy died five years ago today.

Such a sweet and gentle soul who never rose to lofty heights in the sport
chosen for her

Schutzhund 01 ~ Aggy

Hers was not a career of high scores, trophies and trials won

Schutzhund 02 ~ Aggy

She didn’t want that.
It was not in her nature even though her breeding said she should excel.
She didn’t see the sense in it.


Aggy Sleeping _ Photo by Patrice

She did see sense in love, hugs, play and snuggles. The highlight of her day was cuddles on the sofa between myself and my husband. In between us so that she could sniff, touch his hair, be near him. She adored him.
He only saw our rottie, Ursa.


Her and I had history. I was the one who insisted she train,
keep working in the sport, live up to what was expected of her. Patrice & Aggy competition of her BH Even when she let me know without any doubt how she felt.
She held a grudge in this, she always remembered and didn’t think I should forget either.


Aggy loved the strong, handsome type of guy.
And that would be Kado, the big, gentle Cane Corso around the corner.

Kado ~ Photo by those who loved him

To go over to Kado’s home, hang out, play in his backyard,
race around the pond was so much enjoyment for her.
Even then, she got shortchanged.

Kado had eyes only for Ursa.
She would watch them play, Kado going into the pond,
retrieving a toy then coming out and giving it to Ursa. They’d play with it and then they would do it all over again.
Aggy would try and attract his attention, get him to notice her.
He never did that I saw.
In this, she never held a grudge or blamed Ursa.
They were best friends, confidants, kennel mates, soulmates. Patrice, Aggy and_Ursa ~ Self-portrait

Five years ago on this day, there was no hope, no cure,
no medication to reverse the outcome.
Aggy was true to her nature, her way of doing things,
no matter what others thought how she should act.

Her attitude that day as my husband tried to say goodbye,
spend time with her alone, you could see her saying,
“You didn’t have time for me when I wanted you too, forget it now!” Aggy


And then with her characteristic determination, she headed for the truck.
Her jaw set, her focus clear. I could hear her say,
“Lets get this over with before I change my mind”. 

Sitting in the back of the truck, my husband driving,
her focus, I believe was on what was to come.
She sat, watched the countryside past.
I cried, reached back and tried to comfort her.
She paid no attention.  Aggy & Patrice on her 1st Day ~ Photo by JohnWhen the time came, she was her dear sweet, gentle, brave, stoic self.
I sobbed. She kept herself in control. No emotion.
Just as the death sentence took over, she looked up to the sky.
Watching something high over my shoulder.
I was afraid to look back, to see what she was seeing.
A quiet calmness came over her, her rigidity was gone.
She was gone.

Loving ~ Photo by Jennifer Clark

I brought her collar home.
Ursa held her head up, her neck outstretched waiting for me to put it on her.
I did. I sobbed and held her close.
We mourned our friend, our loved one together.


Aggy, you taught me much.
You taught me to stick to my beliefs
Follow my heart despite all those who believe they know what is best for me
Never waver, never lose hope
Speak your mind, no matter the consequences, you will survive
And above all,
Love unconditionally

Our AggyAggy, sweet Aggy
I love you, love you still,
~ Patrice  


© Patrice Clarkson – 2018


Thee Day Is A Day

April 15, 2013

Violets and Pink Blooms ~ photo by Patrice

Violets and Pink Blooms ~ photo by Patrice



Thee day is a day
Not far away
But today.

So let’s play
And be gay
On this bright
Sunny glad day.

Don’t stay away
Come play.

Play today
And we’ll both
Be so gay!
~ Patrice







© Patrice Clarkson – 2013


What I Know, What I Don’t Know

February 13, 2013

What I know, what I don’t know
What I do in spite of what the show
Playing out there, outside in the snow.
Makes no difference, makes no change
Here inside the life I play
No matter
No matter what I know or say.
~ Patrice

Winter Flower ~ photo by Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2013


On The Fifteenth You Were Gone

November 7, 2012

On the fifteenth you were gone
Gone to the afterlife and beyond.
Sweet and tender, strong and bold
Loyalty so much untold.

Gently sleeping away from me
Off into eternity
Love your strength
Sadness, missing oh so much
Never easy, never will forget
All the things when
You and I were young.

Love you dear. Love you strong
We will miss you now
Now that you have gone
To a place where we will meet
And play the game we remember sweet
For so long.

I love you dear. You are the one
Who sung a song of life
And made all fulfilled.
But alas
Its now the time
The missing has to start
Remember long
I love you with all my heart.
~ Patrice

In memory of ‘Ismo’

Ismar a.d. SchloBstadt – VPG II

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012


Well, What Will It Be Today?

September 3, 2012

Well, what will it be today?
A poem?
A thought?
Or something filled
With disarray?

I think not.

Something positive.
Something bright
Something that fills
The night
With stars glistening
Ah so bright.

Yes, that’s what is going
To be today
Something happy
No disarray.

Won’t you stay
And play?
What a great day
A great day to play.

That’s what is going to be
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012

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