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Tic Tok Goes The Clock

September 15, 2020

Tic Tock Goes The Clock ~ Photo by Patrice

Tic tock goes the clock
Ticking time away
No hesitate
No wait, wait!

Time goes on
Thru night and day
The same time
The only time
Ticking time away.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


Time Passes By and Bye

March 6, 2013

Aruba Clock ~ photo by Brent






Time passes
By and bye
Time is ticking
Where’er you go.

No hesitating
No back track
Time passes
We are sure of that.

See the seconds
Minutes pass
As we lay here
Keeping track.

Time has come
From the past
Ticking by
Ticking fast.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson
– 2013

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