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The Truth

February 11, 2021

The Truth ~ Photo by Patrice

Is the end the answer
Will the truth be told?

No more to wonder
No need to scold

For the truth is the answer
The truth is what’s told.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2021



May 23, 2019

Foxy Painting ~ Watercolour Art by Patrice

I’ve been unusually bold
Saying things
maybe should
Not be told.

My heart does laugh
The secrets out
Its been told.

But then again
My mind does know
Repercussions come
From places
Yet untold.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2019


Let It Rest

September 5, 2013

Summer Easy ~ photo by Patrice

Skirt the issue
Let it rest
That would be best
For now.

Don’t know where
It’s going to lead
But for now
Let it rest.

In the future
Down the road
All will be explained
All will be told.

Let it go
That’s what’s best
So for now
Let it rest.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2013


My Soul Knows The Way

November 8, 2012

My soul knows the way
The way I must go
On my journey road.

Not the one that may be easy
Not the one I’ve been told
Just the one made for me
And my living, loving soul.

Whether its hard or easy
We will see and watch unfold
All the lovely lessons
This I know, I’ve been told.

Love to have you along with me
Love to share the road
My soul, she knows the way
On this wondrous, unchartered road.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012

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