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Looking In The Mirror

November 5, 2013

me at art table ~ illustration by Patrice





Looking in the mirror
To see a reflection
Of my life
Looking back at me.

I must smile, laugh
For, forever she will stay
In my life
In a quiet, supportive way.
~ Patrice




© Patrice Clarkson – 2013


Crisis Crunch

September 10, 2013

Crisis crunch
Not a blessed thing I can do
Master anger here in charge
Not letting anyone disregard
All this mess spread about.

Anger, frustration
Does abound
Method used is not the one
Must change my options
Find someone who knows
Quiet, elegant all
Those wonder times.

Spend it there
Make it like a nursery rhyme
Full of happiness all the time
All the time
Make it a blessed nursery rhyme.
~ Patrice

Safe and Strong ~ illustration by Patrice for Ginn and Company's math book, 'starting points in mathematics'

© Patrice Clarkson – 2013


The End Of Day

April 30, 2013

See The Way ~ photo by Patrice







The end of day
Must make way
For the darkness
Of night.

Must believe
We will be alright
Chartering a course
Thru the blackness
Into board daylight.

We will be alright.

Travel light, focus
And you’ll be arriving
To the morning
Blessed for having
The quiet restfulness
Of a good dark night.
~ Patrice






© Patrice Clarkson 2013


Sometimes I Cry

July 26, 2012



Sometimes I cry
Other times
I laugh hysterically.

Sometimes quiet
Takes over me.

How I respond
To the happenings
In my life
Is totally up to me.

Enjoy your life.
~ Patrice





© Patrice Clarkson – 2012


Small And Quiet

June 20, 2012



Small and quiet
Liberal and free
I’d like to think
This is me.

Smile a lot
Exercise and be
Part of the world
That likes to be me.

No one can do things
Just like me
So celebrate, rejoice
In being me.
~ Patrice



© Patrice Clarkson – 2012

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