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No One’s Listening

July 8, 2020

3 Faces of Foxy - Watercolour Painting by Patrice

No one’s listening
To my heart beat
Nor saying
Any encouraging ways.

When I speak
The echo goes far, far away
Even I can’t hear
It come back my way.

No one’s listening
To anything, anything
I speak or say.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


Why I Cry

June 24, 2020


Footprints In the Sand ~ Photo by Patrice

You know why I cry
You know, you know

Life would be easy
Life would be fine
If only I’d forget
Those memories that bind.

For no crying will change
What has happened
Nor make it
Not come to past.

If I lived in the present
Not thinking of the past
Never crying for
What happens in the future.

Let it come
Let it past
Now is my time
Now I must make it last.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


Feeling Lonely And Alone

June 18, 2020

Flintstone House - Photo by Patrice

Feeling lonely and alone
Trapped on a treadmill
Going nowhere
Not back home.

Heart is broken
The sky blue
Tears fall
Masked as rain.

 Dropped by a hand
Who doesn’t blame
For the shape I’m in.

Only suggests
I must stop, turn around
Begin again.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


Remember When

May 28, 2020

Jackal ~ Illustration by Patrice for Holt, Rinehart and Winston's reader, 'Flights Near And Far'

Remember when a laugh and smile
Were the only thing that made
The day’s itinerary song?

Remember when laughter
And carefree days lasted
All year long
The thought of winter didn’t
Come to mind
Didn’t come along.

Then there was when
A door opened up
And seriousness came along.

No smiles, no laughter
The whole day long
Winter winds blew
And the heart was frozen
In sadness
Crying was the only song.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


In The Distant Past

May 26, 2020

Arbua Chairs ~ Photo by Patrice

I have lived before
I have lived a life

In the distant past

Good or bad I had
A life before memories

In the distant past

They didn’t last
As new ones evolved
Different but built on
That life lived

In the distant past.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


I Know You Couldn’t Possibly Hear Me

May 21, 2020

Cotten Tail ~ Photo by Patrice

I know you couldn’t possibly
Hear me
I know I’m in this alone
But still I feel the road
Isn’t travelled by me
All alone.

Presence, shadows hover
Near and above
Whispers in silence
Make my heart beat
As I pray for help
From those I have loved.

Now is not the time to cry
For I’ve been given
A chance
To move forward
move ahead.

Trusting in
What I know is there
Not seen
Only in my head.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


I Have Been There

May 19, 2020

Sad Golden ~ Illustration by Patrice

I have been there
Seen everything
Held my breath
Tried not to scream.

Sadness mounts
Envelops me
Reason why
Not only me.

Maybe tomorrow
All will be ok
Til then
I’ll live thru
This troubling day.
~ Patrice

@ Patrice Clarkson – 2020


May 24th Celebration Has Gone

May 15, 2020

Patrice Clarkson's Blog

May 24th Celebration in Jarvis ~ Photo by Patrice

May 24th celebration has gone
used to be festivities
All day long.

Nothing, no more celebrating
Can’t understand
How could all this pass?

Used to be dancing, parties, sing-along
Fireworks and baseball
May 24th celebration, all day long.
~ Patrice

May 24th Celebration in Jarvis ~ Photo by Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2016

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Everyone Isn’t The One

May 13, 2020

Connie's Yellow Lab ~ Watercolour by Patrice

Everyone isn’t the one
I should have been
Accepting that is harder
Then anything has ever been.

Maybe tomorrow it’ll be
What I want, what I need
But that remains
Remains to be seen.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2020


I Was The Girl

May 8, 2020

Patrice Clarkson's Blog

* Each day this week, I’m going to be posting writings that came to me in the middle of the night after watching a documentary on Janis Joplin. Whether it is Janis writing these words thru me, or my perception of what I watched, I have no idea. Yours to decide and I hope, enjoy.

Janis Joplin during photoshoot for Big Brother & Holding Company, Forest Knolls, CA. 1967. © Lisa Laws Janis Joplin during photoshoot for Big Brother & Holding Company, Forest Knolls, CA. 1967. © Lisa Laws

I was the girl who stood in the back
I was the one who didn’t say any of that
I was the one who laughed and cried
I was the one who breathed the breath
Who stood alone amongst the rest
Never knowing my heart
I think, I guess.
~ Patrice

© PatriceClarkson – 2016

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